Technical Sales Associate

Job description

About JetRails

JetRails is a hosted infrastructure provider for mission-critical web applications. Our clients run multi-million dollar e-commerce stores and cutting edge web apps. It’s our job to keep them online. With hundreds of millions of dollars on the line, we take our job very seriously. We live and breathe speed, security, scalability, and strategy for web infrastructure. Oh, and we’re serious about having fun! We learned long ago that without that magic ingredient, work feels too much like… work.

Cutting edge infrastructure is never boring. While relentlessly pursuing 100% uptime, we learn, earn, work with smart and motivated teammates, and generally have a great time. All this in a relaxed easy going culture, lacking office politics with a laser focus on customer happiness.

We’re a motley crew of tech geeks, gamers, and fun-lovers. We’ve been around since 2000, when we started life as eBoundHost offering shared, dedicated and virtual hosting services. We’ve been a stable, profitable and growing company since the beginning.

About You

You’re excited by the idea of a meaningful role with a company that values and retains its talented teammates (you guessed it, that’s us!). You insist on a work environment that’s fun and dynamic, where your coworkers respect and value each other. You have opinions on how to make things better, and want to be heard and encouraged. You don’t sit around waiting to be told what to do - instead, you figure out where you can add value and start pitching in.

About This Role

We're hiring for this role because we're in growth mode. We’re pumped to bring the right person onto the team. What do we mean by the right person? Two things...

  • Table stakes: you’ll need the skills and experience to tackle the core requirements of the job without breaking a sweat: prospecting, following up with leads, tracking progress and creating new sales funnels.
  • You’ll need to wow us with value. That means finding ways to move our organization forward without being explicitly told how. Your job isn’t simply to execute on a process, it’s to improve its design. We’re counting on you to tell us how you can help.

Duties a bit outside the box:

  • Keeping up with technology and industry trends. We provide solutions to complex e-commerce challenges. The more you know, the more value you bring to the table.
  • We have a CRM system. You'll be in charge of getting the most value from it by creating workflows that drive predictable results.
  • Be the product expert on the systems our clients use, so that they turn to you for solutions.
  • Put yourself on camera. Literally. We know the impact that video makes, and we use it to stand out in a crowded market. 

Duties that are table stakes:

  • Prospecting. Use tools to help find and qualify leads, track funnel progress in our CRM and create appointments/opportunities.
  • Month-end reconciliation and managerial reporting. We’re technologists, so we’re counting on you to report on your progress and find areas that need improvement.
  • Follow-through on the sales process. Be a master of sales prospecting, cold outreach, lead generation, follow up, proposals and closing abilities to meet deadlines and exceed quotas.

Job requirements

Requirements for success in this role:

  • Be trustworthy, honest, reliable and accountable
  • Initiative: Figure out what needs doing and get started
  • Organization: Prioritize and manage multiple workstreams
  • Positivity: Smiles are contagious
  • Teamwork: Contribute to and enable everyone’s success
  • Detailed: Pay attention to the little things that matter

Minimum qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree (Preferred but not required)
  • Proficiency with office technology (we’re a tech company, duh)
  • Ability to speak clearly, and write even more clearly
  • Track record of prospecting (show us the KPIs/results that you’ve measured in the past)